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What Do Your Clients Want?

What Do Your Clients Want?

It’s tremendously valuable to ask yourself what your clients want from you. We usually do this when we’re leaning into something big, like launching a new business or a new website, but what about when business is humming along like normal?

When business is going just fine the way it is, that’s the best time to check in with yourself and your business to ask what your clients want from you. That’s when you’re most likely able to focus on making smart business changes anyway, right? Not when you’re already knee deep in a major transition.

When you ask yourself what your clients want from you, you’re giving your business space to evolve.

Of course, changing your business with each random request isn’t smart. It’s important to be confident in how you serve your customers/clients. However, if you’re continuously hearing similar feedback from your people, consider it a valid request. It could be something that you simply haven’t thought of.

When we first started building websites, we thought our clients wanted good, functioning websites from someone who treated them well and treated their project like it mattered (because it did!). That’s exactly what they got.

We eventually started giving clients more feedback on their entire web presence. And the more we met our clients where they were at with solid ideas to grow their business, the more input they wanted from us.

Type B Studio has changed dramatically in the last year, from designing & developing custom websites to coaching clients through the discovery and strategy process, which results in a superior custom website and a far more effective web presence. We can directly attribute this upleveling of our services to continuously considering what our clients want.

Our clients wanted more guidance and now that’s what they get. If we hadn’t paid attention to their questions or requests, we may not have found this incredibly fulfilling way to better serve them.

What do your clients want? – Maybe you’ve heard feedback about a different class time or a more convenient way to pay you. Does a large percentage of your clients purchase a specific package and they always want this one modification? Why not just change the package to include it (and charge accordingly, of course)? Or perhaps you’re like us and your clients are asking for more than you’re currently offering. If it feels right to you, answer their call.

And even though we don’t believe in competition (you can read more about that here), it’s important to consider why your clients would want to work with you instead of someone else.

What’s different about working with you? What do your clients value in professionals like you?

You bring something special to your business and your clients. What is it and why do your clients care?

Give yourself some time with these questions. No pressure, no rush. Just check in from time to time to see if you might be missing an opportunity.

We’d love to hear if your business has evolved thanks to you listening to your clients! What’s your story?

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