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Challenge Small Business Best Practices

Challenge Small Business Best Practices

Sometimes it seems like there's more advice for small businesses than there are problems. Google small business best practices and you'll get smacked with 90+ million results. Everyone has an opinion they believe is the right way to do something or a method they're selling to teach you the way you "should" do something. And many times, you'll find conflicting advice, which can make it even harder to know what to do.

Bombarded with business advice coming from every direction, it's easy to get swept up in the "shoulds."

I should be on Facebook and Twitter.

I should have a business plan.

I should be using video in my marketing.


I recently made the comment that when I am an old woman, I'm going to let my hair go grey, wear capris with comfortable (meaning unattractive) white tennis shoes, carry my essentials in a fanny pack and I'm not going to give a damn what anyone thinks. I'm going to do things my way.

I immediately knew that I had a case of the "shoulds." Sure, I was talking about me personally, but as a small business owner, there's hardly a distinction between personal and business, right?

I'm going to be a total hypocrite and give you some business advice you really should follow. 🙂 You SHOULD do whatever feels right to you.

Use your own personal "feels right" filter for everything in your business.

I'm a huge believer in small business best practices. They help us shorten the learning curve so we don't have to try to reinvent the wheel all the time. However, I'm not a fan of doing things because everyone else is doing it and it's what we hear we should do.

You might be spending a lot of time doing things that you think you should do when it's not necessarily right for your business. It's like taking the scenic route when you're in a hurry. You'll still get wherever you're going but you just wasted a bunch of time and energy going the wrong direction.

It's your business and you should do what feels right for you and your clients.

So, what's one should you could challenge in your business today? Is there anything that you're doing or spending time on simply because it's a should you haven't questioned yet? Let me know below and make a commitment to do something different!

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  1. Amazing post! That’s right! Let’s wear fanny packs and run our businesses the way we want. White shoes after Labor Day and everything. 😉 Thank you for the shout out!

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