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When Selling Feels Gross

When Selling Feels Gross

In a perfect world, customers would be lining up at your door and you’d never have to think about selling. You’d decide to be in business and boom. Magic. Customers for days. Sounds like a fantasy world, right? Welcome to my brain.

I’ve never been a big fan of sales and when I started my own business, I had enough experience to know that sales was a weakness for me. I’m good at relationships, at consulting, finding a solution that’s a win-win, all passive aspects of sales. But actual selling? Nope.

Focusing on intentionally closing a sale felt GROSS.

I believe in my services so I don’t mind mentioning something I can do for a business owner but as soon as I encroach “sales-y” territory, I feel pushy and uncomfortable. I feel like I’m trying too hard and I worry that people will think I’m disingenuous. I want to be helpful and liked, not pushy and aggressive.

Not a good feeling. No wonder I avoided selling!

Selling is Helping

One of the best business lessons I ever learned was, “selling is helping.” Seriously, it changed my business because of how much it changed my perspective.

What’s your feeling on selling? Do you feel gross? Pushy? Worried about what people will think?

There are sales tools that can help you find a way to sell that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable, but I think it all starts with your perspective.

As a proud graduate of Sales School, I learned a TON from Kendrick Shope, creator of Authentic Selling® & Sales School, but this these 3 words is where it all started for me. Until I changed my frame of mind, I was going to keep ending up in the same place.

In Sales School, I learned that selling really is helping:

  • If someone has a problem and you can help them with it, you better believe that telling them about your services is helping. If you don’t share your solution, you’re doing them a disservice.
  • If you are struggling to grasp “selling is helping,” ask yourself if it’s because you feel uncomfortable selling or if you feel like your product or service isn’t actually helping. That can be a valid issue. If you’re selling something that a potential customer doesn’t want or need, that’s another story.
  • Women tend to struggle with selling more than men do. We sell differently than men and that’s ok. Lean into your own style. Be true to yourself and stick with sales methods that feel right for you.

It’s really about selling in integrity, in a way that feels authentic to you. And my way will be different than your way. Learning that proven sales methods can be tweaked to work for anyone’s unique style and comfort zone is one of the best things about Sales School. That, and all the tools and materials. I still use my notes, take-n-tweak email templates and copy formulas on the regular. Priceless!


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