5 Simple Questions Google Analytics Can Answer

5 Simple Questions Google Analytics Can Answer

We frequently hear from small business owners who don’t use Google Analytics. Many times, the entire SEO (search engine optimization) realm feels confusing and overwhelming so it seems easier to shut the door on it rather than get sucked into the black hole of online marketing. But make no mistake, we absolutely recommend Google Analytics for small businesses.

Valuable insight can be gained by utilizing Google Analytics. Here are five of the most important statistics small businesses can learn from Google Analytics.

5 Simple Questions Google Analytics Can Answer

Is your business website analytics improving?

Google shows pertinent information in the Audience Overview as soon as you log in. If you keep track of these monthly stats, you can see if your audience is growing, if you’re attracting new or returning visitors, or if your visitors are spending more time on your site than they previously were.

Where are your visitors coming from?

You can get very specific results to see exactly where your visitors are coming from. If you’re not into specifics, Google’s Traffic Channels will give you a broader overview. Find out the percentages of your traffic channels – Organic search, direct, social, etc. This can help you determine where to focus more energy.

What pages are your visitors going to?

For some small business owners, like personal trainers, you may assume that your rates are one of the top pages visited. But what if your visitors are spending more time on your About page or your photos? (Which is likely the case!) It could change how you approach potential clients, right? (This is an example of an actual client who changed their sales approach after they realized potential clients weren’t as price-sensitive as expected.)

What are people searching for to find you?

Interesting information, yes, but even more valuable when you put it to work for you. What if you see that your visitors are finding you by searching for your business name but you’re not getting the keyword searches to your site? Using the same personal trainer as an example, you would know to increase your keyword SEO for words like personal training and personal trainer, in order to improve results.

Who are your visitors?

The demographics overview tells you the age range and gender of your visitors. This might be information you already know from seeing your customers day in and day out, but it’s always good to know that everything is in alignment.

Google Analytics can provide you with more stats. A lot more.

But it’s easy to get overwhelmed with too many stats. These 5 simple questions can take your online marketing strategies further than you might expect.

Jennifer Crego

Jennifer Crego

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