My 40th Birthday: 40 Truths in My World

My 40th birthday was on Saturday. 40. I'm ok with it...I guess. Whatever, it's a number. I know I'll love my 40's soon enough.

My niece, Audrey, (shown in the photo) was born on my birthday. I feel like that's cause for a special "favorite aunt" bond. Time will tell. She's got quite the mean mug but her smiles are heart melting. I had a great day celebrating both birthdays with almost my entire family in Seattle, WA.

Is it possible to reach a milestone birthday without a little reflection? Not for me!

Today, in honor of my recent 40th birthday, I'm sharing 40 things I've learned along the way...40 things I believe to be true.

  1. I'd rather have more experiences than more stuff.
  2. It really is all about the people in your life.
  3. We're all just doing the best we can, the best we know how to do at the time, in life.
  4. Everyone wants to be loved. Everyone.
  5. Mom guilt is real and it sucks. (And doesn't go away with time or age)
  6. I feel better when I get enough sleep.
  7. Some people laugh at me for going to bed early, but I don't care because I'm too busy feeling rested. (That was clearly written before chronic insomnia kicked in)
  8. Good pedicures are the best.
  9. Things are rarely black and white. It's all grey.
  10. Other people believe as strongly in their opinions as I do mine.
  11. It would not be a well-rounded world if we all believed the same way. (Kinda creepy actually)
  12. Being self-employed is the best job ever.
  13. I can trust that my son will land on his feet, no matter what his journey entails.
  14. TV will suck my brain out of my skull if I spend too much time watching it.
  15. Working out is hard work but the aches and pains of a sedentary lifestyle are worse.
  16. It is what it is, most of the time.
  17. Life can end prematurely so do what you want now. Don't wait.
  18. I don't have to like everyone. Some people are just assholes.
  19. Not everyone will like me and that's ok. (Maybe they think I'm an asshole. Gasp!)
  20. Being cool is overrated.
  21. People have to earn my trust but I strive to freely give respect.
  22. It's not my job to fix anyone.
  23. A clean home makes me feel good.
  24. Paying for a clean home is so very worth it.
  25. Macs are better than PCs. ;)
  26. An empty nest takes a little getting used to but then it's awesome.
  27. Sometimes the only thing standing in my way is fear and when I recognize that, I must do whatever it is that I fear.
  28. A smile and a kind word to people I encounter, like the grocery store clerk, can go a long way and are as much for me as they are for the other person.
  29. The more successful I am, the more generous I can be.
  30. Lists rule my world and my productivity is better for them.
  31. Processed foods make me feel like crap and I didn't realize it until I stopped eating them. (Time to stop eating them again!)
  32. Worrying is absolutely useless.
  33. I love people but I need downtime or I will get very cranky.
  34. A good business coach is worth a pretty penny.
  35. I feel better when I shave my legs in the winter too.
  36. Burpees are the devil.
  37. I can learn something from almost everyone.
  38. Some friends are life-long friends and some are meant to be friends for a time. Both are pretty awesome.
  39. Water. Water. Water.
  40. Sometimes a new handbag is the ultimate pick-me-up.

And 4 more for my 44th birthday...

41. Perfectionism is a lost cause - that's why I'm a recovering perfectionist.
42. There can be enormous strength in surrendering.
43. I'm not my thoughts. I'm the thinker of my thoughts, therefore, I can change my thoughts. (Thank you, Jim Fortin!)
44. Life is infinitely better with a sense of humor and not taking things too personally.

Here's to another year!

Photo credit: Jon Pick

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