SSL Certificates

Every Website Needs an SSL Certificate

One thing we see frequently with small business websites is they don’t have an SSL certificate. An SSL is important for a website now more than ever, but what’s the actual purpose of an SSL?

An SSL Certificate:

  • Encrypts any data entered into your website – from payment gateways to subscription and contact forms
  • Protects your website
  • Helps to gain your visitors’ trust
  • Improves your website ranking in Google

Unfortunately, an SSL doesn’t automatically come in a hosting plan. It’s an add-on that can cost anywhere from $0 to $200 a year. If you’re with our preferred host, SiteGround, it’s likely free, depending on the type of SSL you need. — One more reason we love and recommend SiteGround to all of our clients.

If your website is showing “Not Secure” to the left of your web address in your browser, we recommend addressing the issue pronto.

Not sure what this entails or where to begin? Contact us and we’ll help.

Jennifer Crego

Jennifer Crego

I help businesses leverage digital marketing strategies to get more leads, sales, and ultimately, revenue. With the Type B Studio team, we create effective websites that deliver results and support them long-term.