How to Connect Google Search Console & Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be used for good instead of evil. – profits instead of frustration! It’s even more effective if Google Search Console is connected to Google Analytics.

I do a lot of Google Analytics Simplified sessions with small business owners who want to understand how to benefit from Google Analytics instead of avoiding it. The truth is, once you understand the basics and know what you can safely ignore, you can spend 5 minutes or less on your analytics each month and actually profit.

The key is knowing how to look for opportunities in your Google Analytics!

One of the most common issues I see with small business website tracking is that their Google Analytics accounts aren’t connected to their Google Search Console accounts. Many times, a Search Console account still needs to be created.

Google Search Console is a fantastic resource that let’s website owners do numerous things and gain valuable insight. I know your time is limited so let’s stick with the main goal here:

How to Connect Google Analytics & Google Search Console

Google Search Console

  1. Go to Google Search Console and login with the google profile that you use for Google Analytics.
  2. Click the red Add a Property button. Add your site exactly as it is shown online, either with or without the “www.”
  3. You’ll need to verify you have permission to access the property. Search Console will give you a few different options but look for the option to verify with Google Analytics. It’s usually the easiest.
  4. Once verified, head over to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

  1. Click on Admin in the top menu.
  2. You’ll see 3 columns, from left to right, they’re labeled Account, Property, & View. In the Property column, click on Property Settings, which is at the very top.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page you’ll see a section titled Search Console. Click the button labeled Adjust Search Console.
  4. You’ll see a small Edit link underneath the short paragraph. Click Edit, select your website and click Save.
  5. You may automatically be redirected to your Search Console account. If you are, go back to the Search Console settings in Google Analytics. Click Done.
  6. Just to be sure, click the Adjust Search Console button again. You should now see your website listed under the paragraph.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a silver bullet. It won’t give you details for every keyword searched. As the paragraph in the Search Console settings says:

If your property is also a verified website in Search Console, and you are the owner, you can associate your Search Console data here. Google Analytics will then be able to display some of that data in some reports.

In other words, keep your expectations low, but do this anyway. Over time, the additional information you’ll gain is well worth the few minutes it takes you to create a Search Console account and connect it to your Analytics account.

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Jennifer Crego

Jennifer Crego

I help businesses leverage digital marketing strategies to get more leads, sales, and ultimately, revenue. With the Type B Studio team, we create effective websites that deliver results and support them long-term.