Building a Business is Like Working Out

My first workout with a new trainer – I assumed it was going to be a little “meet & greet” session with a mild workout. But you know what they say about assuming. It makes an ass at of “u” and me.

I was a little intimidated. I’m a 40-something, out of shape web nerd who works hunched over a computer all day. My trainer is a young personal trainer & body builder who looks like he hasn’t eaten a cookie…ever.

It was the hardest workout I’ve had in a long time, maybe ever. He showed me no mercy.

I thought I was going to collapse very quickly. Too quickly! My legs were shaking uncontrollably, even after we had moved on to arms. And then he wanted me to do legs again – WHAT?!?! I think I was actually moaning a little when it was over and I walked to my car; a pitiful, feeble, “Please, God, let me make it the air conditioned car” moan.

What Does This Have To Do With Building A Business?

During my workout, my trainer mentioned that when he’s training for a body building event, he works with a trainer too. It made me think about the similarities between building a business and working out.


6 Ways Building a Business is Like Working Out

    1. I’m not going to lie, when I was walking to the car, I definitely considered not going back. It was so freaking hard! Growing a business can be like that too – hard, painful, challenging…improvement can definitely be a rough road. Of course I’ll go back to the trainer, because I know the magic happens outside of my comfort zone. I’ve experienced that in my business and I’m sure that you have too.
    2. When I workout on a regular basis, I need to take care of myself in other ways too. Like drinking more water and stretching. It’s the same with business. I love what I do so I like putting in extra hours, but it’s important to step away from time to time, physically and mentally. It’s so easy to let this one slide when you’re focused on building a business, but I’m convinced that taking time away from my business, whether a weekend away or a lunch break pedicure, help me come back more energized and focused.
    3. A vision and goals are important. Whether working out or building a business, you have to know where you want to go. Otherwise, how do you know what specific actions would be the most effective? Working out with a trainer is a decision I made based on current fitness goals. If my goals were different, I might not see a trainer. Perhaps I’d join a swimming team or just go to the gym a few days a week. Every business building action should be based on your goals and your vision for the future. A website, an email marketing strategy, SEO – Every aspect depends on your goals.
    4. Attitude and mindset can make a big difference. As hard as yesterday’s workout was, it was easier when my head was in the right place. I had to adjust my attitude about every 2 minutes because I kept wanting to check out. That can happen when you’re building a business but most of the time, a positive attitude will carry you through whatever challenge you’re working through. And if not, that’s ok. It won’t make things worse!
    5. Getting professional help can be the difference between doing ok and doing great. Even though the trainer is a pro, he works with a trainer when he has important goals to meet. And even though I’m a consultant to small businesses, I also work with a business coach or mentor on a regular basis. I don’t work with these professionals because I’m totally lost and can’t do it on my own. I do it because a different perspective is extremely valuable. Accountability is helpful and a little push to the outskirts of my comfort zone can make all the difference.
    6. It’s not always pretty. No makeup, sweaty, and a bright red face – This is not a pretty look. Oh well! Sometimes we just need to dig in and do the work. Period.

I would love to hear what you think. How would you compare building a business to working out?

Jennifer Crego

Jennifer Crego

I help businesses leverage digital marketing strategies to get more leads, sales, and ultimately, revenue. With the Type B Studio team, we create effective websites that deliver results and support them long-term.