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VA Gladiator

VA Gladiator

Project Overview:

Lana Johnson, the top gladiator at VA Gladiator, wanted a quality website where potential online clients could see what she's all about and the numerous testimonials she's received from happy clients. She needed a sales tool for her online business and a customized template website was a perfect choice.

Project Included:
  • Responsive website
  • Customized template {Live in 5 Website}
  • Mini branding package
  • Additional pages
  • Ongoing website maintenance

Case Study: VA Gladiator

Was the Live in 5 Website a good investment? "Absofreakinlutely!"


VA Gladiator is an online business management and virtual assistant firm serving small businesses globally. Lana Johnson and her team of virtual assistants support small business owners so they can focus on their business instead of daily tasks. And THIS was one of the challenges. Lana could build a website on her own. She built VA Gladiator’s last website and while stressful, she got the job done.

Biggest Challenges:

  • The branding & design of the old website no longer felt authentic to the business
  • Online inquiries decreased as people would find the website organically but they would quickly leave {A clear indication that the website wasn’t resonating with potential clients}
  • Didn’t want to build the website herself, but dreading the cost of having someone else do it
VA Gladiator


Type B Studio’s Live in 5 Website was a perfect solution for VA Gladiator. It kept the investment as low as possible and production was fast. The project included a mini branding package, which was also completed during prep week.

“The branding package saved my life because that was one less thing to worry about. I showed them my style and they picked colors and fonts for me.” - Lana Johnson, VA Gladiator

According to Lana, both Prep and Build Weeks were “quick and painless.” {A frequent comment we hear from Live in 5 clients}


The new VA Gladiator website has not only helped Lana attract new clients, it’s saving her time. That means she’s getting more clients in less time.

Lana estimates the new website saves her approximately 5 hours a month because she no longer has to be the first salesperson for VA Gladiator. That’s the website’s job. Now, instead of selling via email and messaging, the sales process is all automated on the website.

As a Type B Studio website maintenance client, the VA Gladiator website is kept up-to-date and new pages are created as they’re needed. This saves Lana even more time so that she can grow her business and work with more clients.


Don't Navigate Your Online Presence Alone

You could lose countless hours & dollars on an attractive website that doesn't address your goals or help your business grow. There's a better, more profitable way! 

VA Gladiator

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