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Pour It On

Pour It On

Project Overview:

Lisa Daniel is the talented artist behind Pour It On. Lisa creates large abstract paintings by pouring on the floor and layering her paintings with transparent paint and other mixed media to create depth. She sells her art to individuals and collectors, as well as commercial projects, such as hotels, condominium lobbies, and office buildings.

Project Included:
  • Responsive website
  • Customized template {Live in 5 Website}
  • Custom photo gallery
  • Ongoing website maintenance

Case Study: Lisa Daniel of Pour It On

From 0 Website Revenue to Multiple International Sales


Although Lisa had art shows as far back as the 80’s, she wasn’t attracting the attention from online buyers that she desired.

Lisa had a web presence with an Artspan artist page, but after 8+ years with Artspan, she still hadn’t received any sales directly attributed to the website. The Artspan page wasn’t mobile-friendly, was cumbersome to move around on, and didn’t make a good impression of an artist of Lisa’s caliber.

When she originally got her Artspan page, she envisioned all of her art available to online buyers and commercial representatives. Instead, she found herself avoiding the technical work required to maintain a current selection of her art.

The unfortunate truth is that her website shame created a lack of confidence and negatively influenced her willingness to pitch herself to potential buyers and various opportunities to expand her visibility.

Lisa decided it was time to uplevel her online presence to better represent her as an established artist.

She spoke to a handful of website professionals before making the decision to work with Type B Studio.

“The Type B Studio team was both professional and approachable. I didn’t feel intimidated by the technical aspect of a website project because they clearly translated everything that I needed to know.”


  1. Easily add new artwork to the website each month
  2. Start blogging
  3. Create an email list to communicate and engage with
  4. Look professional for site visitors, especially potential commercial buyers
  5. Make it easy for potential buyers to contact her to buy


When considering online solutions for Pour It On, Lisa had a list of requirements.


  1. The solution must use her own domain and not be a hosted platform like Artspan
  2. Elevate her level of professionalism for anyone who visited her website
  3. The investment needed to be reasonable
  4. No DIY options, just provide the content and have someone else take care of the rest
  5. She wanted the website live as soon as possible {she didn’t want a long, drawn-out project}

A template website by Type B Studio checked each of the boxes.

Type B Studio's Live in 5 Websites are tailored for small business owners, like Lisa, who need an effective website rather than a complicated, expensive website. It’s a 5-page website, built in 5-days, and at $1,497, was well within Lisa’s budget.

We helped Lisa prepare for her website project so that she wouldn’t feel lost or overwhelmed with the process. During prep week, we guided Lisa each step of the way, explaining what we were doing and what we needed from her, without getting too technical or lost in the weeds.

After purchasing her new domain name, Type B Studio transferred the completed website to Lisa’s hosting account.

Pour It On Studio


Since the Pour It On website has been live, Lisa has confidence in her online presence and is now comfortable continuously sending potential buyers and associates to the website. This means she's able to be a more assertive salesperson for herself. 

“My new website has made a big impact in my business. People take me more seriously and I know I'm representing myself better than ever before. I now have international buyers as a direct result of my new website." 

Lisa is also a Type B Studio website maintenance client, which means she can focus on her art while we handle her website, post her new work, and publish new blog articles.


Don't Navigate Your Online Presence Alone

You could lose countless hours & dollars on an attractive website that doesn't address your goals or help your business grow. There's a better, more profitable way! 

Pour It On

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