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The Mindset Of Business Competition

The Mindset of Business Competition

I used to be pretty competitive, especially with sales. I wanted the highest sales, the most impressive accounts; I wanted to be the winner. To me, the word “competition” implied that there must be a winner and a loser. Those were the only two options.

I don’t know if it’s experience or age that changed all of that for me. Maybe both. I just don’t really believe in competition anymore, at least not when it comes to business. I might not have the most popular outlook on business competition, but I believe there is no competition. I believe there is enough business for everyone.

I believe there is no competition. There is enough business for everyone.

I’m sure there are exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, we don’t approach others in our industry as competitors. I think we all bring something different to the market and that can be said of almost every other industry. I know Type B delivers value to our clients and I’m confident that the right people will find us.

It’s important to remember that and have confidence in what you bring to your clients.We provide a specific value at a specific price point. We bring our personalities, quirks, experience and vision to every project. It’s silly to think that we’re the right web partner for every business that needs a website when any one of those variables may not fit within someone’s needs. So why would I think of our fellow web designer/developers as competition when the same goes for them?

I was exhibiting at a trade show once and there was a similar vendor just two booths down. At the time, I considered him a competitor. We were friendly but I made a comment about our booths being too close to each other. His response has stuck with me ever since. He said, “I’d like it if all of the (food gift) vendors were in one row. Let’s increase the visibility of food gifts, then we can figure out how to reach individual buyers.”

I think that’s a fantastic mindset for business competition!

If you’re a personal trainer, other personal trainers help increase public awareness of getting fit and working one-on-one with a professional. If you’re a CPA, your industry is making huge strides to help educate people on the benefits of working with a pro instead of going it alone.

When looking at your business competition through a mindset of having your industry in common, you might just find your “competitors” are really excellent friends and allies. I know I’ve learned a tremendous amount from people who could be considered “competitors.”

And a very nice side effect is peace of mind. By not comparing my business to other businesses in the same industry, I stress less and focus on my own business more.

What do you think? Do I have a little Pollyanna syndrome going on here or do you agree?

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