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Where To Find Free Blog Photos

Where to Find Free Blog Photos

“Where can I find good free blog photos?” – It’s a common question for businesses with blogs and social media profiles.

While your own photos might work some of the time, it’s not usually realistic to only use our own. Stock photography can get very expensive, especially when you’re blogging consistently.

The one thing you should never, ever do is use photos you find in Google Images. These images belong to the websites that they’re already on and using them on your website is theft. Don’t do it or you could end up getting a bill for using the photo without permission (and bad karma).

When using stock photos, whether they’re free or paid, it’s important to be aware of the rules. There are 2 simple rules that are most important for businesses.

Stock Photo Rules

  1. Attribution – Some photos are available for free, but attribution is required. This typically includes a caption giving credit to the photographer and a link to the website the photo was downloaded from. I’m all for giving photographers credit for their work, but this isn’t always ideal for photos used on website pages. Blog posts are the exception.
  2. Commercial Use – Some photos, again whether free or paid, are not available for commercial use. Each stock photography website handles this differently so I prefer to only use images that are ok to use for commercial use. Better to be safe than sorry.

Here’s a short list of the best websites for free blog photos. These websites offer quality, free photos that do not require attribution and are ok for commercial use.


Where to Find Free Blog Photos

Unsplash: You’ll find beautiful, high quality, high-resolution photos here. There are a lot of landscapes and outdoor photos available here but there’s plenty of variety too. In fact, the photo used for this blog post is from Unsplash. You can use the photos as you wish and don’t need to give attribution or link to the site.

Pexels: Probably the stock photo website I use the most. So easy and convenient, you’ll never want to pay for stock photography again! It’s easy to navigate and download a variety of photos. Attribution isn’t required and commercial use is ok.

Pixabay: Most of the photos are high quality but I also love that you can easily search for exactly what you’re looking for. Just like the other options above, you can use these photos for whatever you’d like and attribution is not required.

Burst: This stock website is from the folks at Shopify. I like this stock photo site for small businesses because many of the photos have a commerce feel. The photos are good quality and appropriate sizes for web use. No attribution is required.

I like “free” as much as anyone else, but some projects warrant paid photos. In that case, there are several great options but I have found DepositPhotos* to have the best selection for the best prices.

Happy blogging and good luck finding photos for your next posts!

*Disclosure: This is an affiliate link, which means at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. 

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  1. Great resources, Jennifer! I like that you focus on sites that are not only free but also have unique, high quality photos. I recently heard about problems with people using free photos from free photo sites and getting legal notices from Getty Photo and the like saying they needed to pay some huge retroactive fee for using the photo. Apparently, some sites are offering photos that are not in fact free to use (either by mistake and/or on purpose). Wondering if you have any thoughts on how we can know which free sites to trust and which ones to be leery of?

    1. Hi Laila,
      Great question! I think less reputable stock photography sites offer free photos that aren’t actually free more often than people realize. Getty Photo, being such a large company, has resources to put behind looking for violators. The smaller businesses, like independent photographers, rarely have the time or resources to police the internet for their copyrighted photos. So even if you’re not smacked with a legal notice, you could still be in violation without even knowing it.

      I think that’s why it’s important to stick with a very short list of trusted resources. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of websites that offer free stock photos. And I hear people asking for an exhaustive list of free photo resources all the time, but I always stick to my short list. I trust each of the sites I included in my list and I’ve never gone through all 5 websites listed, plus Bigstock Photo, and not found what I was looking for.

      I hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by!!

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