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Are You Creating An Entrepreneur Widow?

Are You Creating an Entrepreneur Widow?

The topic of being a neglectful spouse seems to be popping up all around me lately. I just had a Facebook conversation with a fellow solopreneur about it and then I read this short article about the same issue. I can be oblivious sometimes but I'm definitely listening to these nudges and remembering what's important in my life.

I think my situation is different than many entrepreneurs who might be reading this. I am a young empty nester. I'm not quite 40 yet but my only son graduated and moved out of the house a couple of years ago. My husband works out of town so he's only home Friday night through Monday mornings. With an arrangement like this, you'd think it was impossible to create an entrepreneur widow, right?

Not so. It's different, for sure, but the signs are still there. Fewer phone conversations or texts with my husband in the evening, working on the weekends. We have date night every Saturday night but the rest of the weekend, the only time we were actually living in the same house, I was often busy.

Time spent building a business can creep into every hour if you let it.

I admit, working every weekend was kind of a temporary necessity. Since I'm no longer working a corporate job at the same time, I've been able to structure my time to be available on the weekends...most of the time.

It's not always that blatant though. There have been plenty of times when it appeared that I put work away but my mind was on a client project or my list of things to do. Being there without being present. What's the point of that?

I feel very grateful that my husband is so encouraging and understanding but I also don't want him to feel like he's playing second chair to my business. I'm going to put work away on the weekends, starting this weekend. Full discloser: If he's got things to do or I wake up before he does, I will likely be working. Hey, baby steps.

Maybe this post is a little nudge for you too. Let's not create anymore entrepreneur widows. I hope you spend some time being truly present with your spouse.

Let's give our spouses our time and energy and let them know they really are #1 in our life, even if we don't always show it.

Do you struggle with this issue too? Leave a comment and let me know how you're handing it.

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