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Size DOES Matter

The sizes of your website images matter. A lot. There are 3 top reasons that the photos for your website images matter most. We're not going to get hyper-technical here. This is simply the basics of what you need to…

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Why We’ll Never Recommend Bluehost Again

Imagine finding out on a Sunday that all 3 of your business websites have suddenly been taken offline by your host. You try to call the host, but they're not the least bit helpful because you must speak to the Terms of Service Compliance Department and they are already gone for the day. They'll be available via chat late that night but in the meantime, your websites are completely gone.
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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Having a mobile ready website recently became more important than ever for small businesses. We've already known that a significant percentage of searches are done on mobile devices and the numbers increase all the time. If that hasn't been enough to…

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