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#bosslady : Kendrick Shope

#bosslady : Kendrick Shope

I have a total #bosscrush on Kendrick Shope. I’ve been a fan of her work for years but it wasn’t until doing Sales School last year that I really saw first hand how much knowledge she has to offer.

I’ve learned a ton about selling from this woman. Most importantly, that “sales” isn’t a dirty word.

As I go about the business of running my business, which includes sales, I can hear Kendrick’s Southern drawl:

  • “All things being equal, friends buy from friends. All things being unequal, friends buy from friends.”
  • “Selling is helping.”
  • “As sure as my hair is red…”

She’s an exceptional salesperson, an excellent teacher, but best of all, a genuinely wonderful person.

Watch below to get to know Kendrick Shope and learn more about Sales School.

If you’re still thinking about joining Sales School, this is your LAST CHANCE. The cart closes at midnight Central tonight, Aug 5th. If you enroll in Sales School through me, you’ll also receive Digital Strategy Consulting for FREE.

I’ll be in Sales School again this year (because there’s always more to learn!). You can’t get better than that — Digital strategy consulting from someone who understands and has experience with the methods you’re learning in Sales School.

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