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#bosslady : Drema Dial

#bosslady : Drema Dial

WWDD = What would Drema do? Seriously, I’ve asked myself that question before.

One of the best things about surrounding yourself with smart, friendly people, is that they enrich your life automatically, just by being themselves. That’s what I’ve found with Drema. I can’t say enough good about her, and I’m thrilled that she allowed me to interview her to share her wisdom with you.

In my interview with Drema, we talked about confidence, money, and the entrepreneur’s relationship with herself and with money. I felt like it was one aha! moment after another.

Check out the video here and leave a comment below if you have any questions for Drema.


Mentioned in the interview:

The Affluent Attitude
Women’s Networking & Enrichment Group
Maymo the Dog (cuteness when procrastinating)

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